Will Wolverine come back, when Marvel resets its universe?

Marvel seems to have a policy to never reset their universe, their slogan is something in the line of “The Marvel Universe always moves forward”. Will the original Wolverine come back, now we have a new female Wolverine and Old Man Logan ? “Wolverine” is a codename and probably is now in possession by X-23. But James Logan, the man who was the Wolverine in the original universe, might always come back. His body is covered in adamantium. This means that if the adamantium is removed they might have a way to bring him back. Second, Logan killed a second version of him in Age of Ultron. What if he didn’t succeed ? The return of the original Wolverine might wait a few years, when sales are dropping down from Old Man Logan and X-23 and Marvel cancel their books and they have a crises and there are no more stories to tell with Old Man Logan. I think he will eventually as long as their is a fanbase who is still longing for him. Xavier might also come back (there is strong evidence for it, since Uncanny Avengers is looking for his brain and there is a part of him left in it. He even came back in Axis). Magik came back. Gwen Stacy (but she might be a clone and alternative version). And now is seems even Spider-man’s marriage and (unborn) child comes back. So now it looks very likely. Just wait a few years. Marvel needs big announcements. They bring a lot of sales. The return of the original Wolverine will bring that. And before they can sell the “successful” volumes from Old Man Logan and his older issues for just a small price.

What do you think?

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