Why John Wick is So Popular ?

•The action genre is a very popular and exciting genre. Mission:Impossible movies, James Bond movies, The Bourne movies etc.•John Wick movies are very stylish. From the detailed assasin world, mysterious currently, blood markers, mythology about John Wick (e.g killing two guys with a pencil), gun fights occuring in various venues (from nightclubs, elegant mirrored art museums, outdoors), the Continental Hotel for assasins and then this is all cemented with the shooting and fighting style of John Wick in close quarters. And speaking of stylish, I forgot about John Wick’s custom made designer suits. He’s a sharpshooter… Get it? He’s a shooter who looks sharp AND he’s a sharpshooter. Yeah it’s cringe worthy… Moving on to the next point… John Wick style | keanu reeves in 2019 | Keanu reeves john wick, Keanu reeves, Keanu charles reeves.

•The directing!!! Oh the directing. Director Chad Stahelski was originally a stuntman for Keanu Reeves on The Matrix. So with his background in stuntwork (first movie was co-directed with David Leitch) they wanted to film the action so that it would be exciting and the viewer to be able to easily watch and follow the action. SO they use wide shots, long takes, simple transtion of shots so that they viewer can easily follow what is happening. And then there is the action itself. A combination of intense shooting, judo, jujitsu throws, combat driving, and R-rating. Keanu Reeves is after revenge as he shoots scenes for John Wick•Character building and world building. It’s a fun movie even if you don’t put much thought into it and it’s a fun movie if you put a lot of thought into it. There are so many YouTube videos and discussions and theories about John Wick and the entire world in the movies.

•There is Keanu Reeves. Whether it’s he star status or being a real life likeable person or his amazing commitment and preparation for the John Wick character (he trained in shooting, judo, Brazillian jujitsu, stunt driving so that he could do as many of his own stunts as possible). These reasons and possibly more show the casting of Keanu Reeves could also have had an influence on the popularity of the franchise.•I almost forgot, an amazing supporting cast and cameos…

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