Why KANG THE CONQUEROR was not appealing in movies ?

Kang the Conqueror is a complex character from Marvel Comics, known for his time-traveling adventures and his desire to conquer and rule different eras and realities. While Kang has a dedicated fan base and has been featured in many popular storylines, some fans and readers may find him less appealing for a few reasons:

Complexity and Continuity: Kang’s character is intricately tied to the concept of time travel, which can make his storylines complex and sometimes convoluted. His various identities, time periods, and interactions with other characters can be difficult to keep track of, especially for new readers.

Villainous Nature: As a conqueror and often a villain, Kang’s motivations and actions can be seen as more one-dimensional compared to other Marvel characters. While he has had moments of complexity and redemption, his primary goal of conquest can make him less relatable or sympathetic to some readers.

Lack of Personal Connection: Unlike more human or relatable characters, Kang is often portrayed as a distant and aloof figure, more focused on his grand schemes than on personal relationships or development. This can make it harder for readers to connect with him on an emotional level.

Overexposure and Predictability: Kang has been featured in numerous comic book storylines over the years, which can lead to a sense of overexposure. Additionally, his role as a conqueror can make his stories somewhat predictable, as readers may expect him to follow a certain pattern of behavior.

Despite these factors, Kang remains a significant and iconic character in the Marvel Universe, with a rich history and potential for compelling storytelling. While he may not appeal to all readers, his complexity and impact on the Marvel Universe cannot be denied.

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